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Salon software to help you schedule, manage and retain clients.


MINDBODY Salon Software Features

Schedule Your Day

Make it easy for you and your stylists to view, schedule and check out appointments—all from one screen.

Sell Products & Services

Manage one master list of your entire inventory—even from multiple suppliers. Know how much is on hand at any time and easily reorder when supplies get low.

Retain More Clients

Keep your schedule full with automatic text/SMS confirmations to remind clients of their appointments and let them know when it’s time to book again.

Everything you need.

All in one place.


Run promotions, encourage clients to visit more often, and turn first-timers into regulars with customizable tools.

Online Booking

Fill your schedule faster by giving your clients the freedom to book visits when they’re ready, both online and from their phones with the MINDBODY app.

Customer Tools

Store payment and visit history, important notes and more in one, instantly accessible profile.


Shrink your to-do list with handy, time-saving features like automated reminders, text and email confirmations, and recurring payments.

Schedule your day.

Clients can easily book online via your website, via Facebook, or on the MINDBODY app (available for free on iPhone and Android). 

Make payments simple.

From cash to credit, or checks to gift cards—accept any form of payment from your clients.

Retain clients and earn more profit.

Our tools make it easy to engage customers and build lasting relationships, so you can make sure that retention stays up and no-shows stay down.



Bluebird Salon

Bluebird Salon owner Ariel describes her love for her business and MINDBODY.

Umbrella Salon

Umbrella Salon owner Khiem Hoang shares how MINDBODY brings everything together at his salon: for him, his stylists and his clients.

"Since using MINDBODY, the client base of my salon has grown exponentially."



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